Alhambra 7P Classic

Inclusief belasting.

Fully solid wood guitar as a tribute to the 70s, the top of Alhambra's conservatory line!

Alhambra has been handcrafting high quality classical guitars in Spain for over 50 years. This 7P bears the "classic" label. These guitars are inspired by the models of the same name from the 1970s, made with the latest techniques and the most beautiful woods. Distinctive to the "Classics" are the fantastic details in the finish. This can be seen in the beautiful rosette, bindings and gold tuners.

For the construction of this guitar, Alhambra has used solid cedar wood and rosewood for the sides and back. For the neck of this model, mahogany has been chosen with an ingeniously concealed ebony reinforcement. The fretboard is also made of ebony, a hard type of wood that gives the playing of the left hand just the right amount of resistance. The bridge and nut are made of Melamine, which provides a round and nuanced sound.

In addition to the classic line, this guitar is also part of Alhambra's conservatory line; comfort combined with an extremely balanced sound. An instrument full of attention and elegance to meet the demands of the advanced student and professional.

Other guitars in the conservatory line are the Alhambra 4P and Alhambra 5P

Top: Solid Cedarwood
Sides and Back: Solid Rosewood
Mahogany reinforced with Ebony
Fingerboard: Ebony
Nut: 52mm - 2 1/16"
Scale length (scale length): 650 mm - 25 9/16"
Finish: Natural lacquer