Boss GA-FC Footswitch

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Boss GA-FC Footswitch

Anyone who needs their hands to play guitar can't do without a GA-FC footswitch, because it is completely tuned to the GA-212 and GA-112. You can also expand your setup with it: for example, connect two expression pedals* to control the volume and the DRIVE function and drive additional amplifiers via the LINK IN/OUT port, which can then also be foot-operated.

* The GA-FC allows the use of optional EV-5, FV-500L, and FV-500H expression pedals.

So you can choose not only the 4 memories, but also 2 routes of loops, reverb and boost settings, etc.
Two expression pedals* for real-time control of the volume and DRIVE parameter
Simultaneous control of several amplifiers via the LINK IN/OUT connection