Boss RC-10R

Inclusief belasting.

The ultimate looper from Boss: The RC-10R

The RC-10R combines song-based looping and organic rhythms in one compact package; and provides new inspiration for live performances, songwriting sessions and daily practices. This latest generation Loop Station is a real-time creation machine that allows you to spontaneously develop music that moves and swings: with two unique song sections, intros/outros and rhythm fills. Integrated controls and visual loop indicators provide simple, independent control, while comprehensive control is possible via external switches and MIDI. A huge rhythm library is available, spanning virtually every genre of music. You can even import your own rhythms to personalize the RC-10R for specific songs and styles.

Effect Type: Looper
Controls: Loop Level, Rhythm Level, Value, Menu, Exit
Connections: Left/Right In, Left/Right Out, CTL/EXP, Midi In, Midi Out, USB, 9v DC In