Darkglass DG210

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Darkglass DG210

Cabinets are probably the most underrated link on a musician's signal chain: we players obsess relentlessly about instruments, pedals and amplifiers, not realizing that without speakers all of these elements merely generate or process electric signals.

But music is heard and felt, not measured.

It is made of sound, and speakers are what transform electric signals into sound.
The Darkglass sound is distinctive and unique. It is the foundation our reputation is built upon. We could not continue disrupting the bass guitar market without addressing the most essential part of the signal chain: speaker cabinets.

Loaded with 10″ custom made Eminence drivers and a proprietary crossover circuit designed to enhance distortion excited-harmonics in a unique, pleasant way, our 210 and 410 cabinets are our answer to a market in dire need of a new player to shake things up.

  • Specially voiced for Darkglass pedals and amps
  • 500W RMS power handling
  • Quality Baltic birch speaker box
  • Loaded with two 10" custom Eminence drivers
  • Horn and crossover are tailored to complement distortion tones
  • 2 SpeakON Combo jacks in parallel