Darkglass Microtubes 500 Head

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Darkglass Microtubes 500 Head

The Microtubes 500 is a 500W amplifier equipped with an all analog solid state preamplifier and a Class D Power Module.

On the top row, you will find the clean section which is the foundation of your tone. It features a Gain control and an active 4 band EQ: along with Low and Treble controls, you will find Low Mids and Hi Mids controls, each knob with their own 2-way frequency switch.

On the bottom row, you will find the Microtubes Engine, an extra channel that will bring your clean tone to the next level by helping you cut through the mix while adding anything from subtle, tube-like, harmonics and natural compression to obliterating distortion.

Type: Solid State
channels: 2
Total Power: 500W
EQ: 4-band EQ, low mid/high mid frequency shift
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x SpeakON-1/4" combo, 1 x XLR (DI out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
Effect Loop: Yes

Foot switch: Option