EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V2 Reverb

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Extremely cool and inspiring Reverb from Earthquaker Devices!

The Earthquaker Devices Afterneath is anything but your average reverb pedal. At the heart of this reverb is a surreal, otherworldly reverb that you can tune in some very creative ways. The diffuse knob makes the reverb more or more focused, so you can place it "further away" in the mix. You can make the reverb a little darker with the vapor control. The "Reflect" control determines the number of reflections: at higher settings the Afterneath derails into an infinite self-oscillating reverb! Where things really get interesting is the "drag" control. A reverb is actually a collection of short delays. The drag button pulls these short delays apart; turn the knob further to the right for increasingly crumbling reverb!

Effect Type: Reverb
Controls: Length, Diffuse, Vapor, Drag, Reflect, Mix
Connections: In, Out, 9V DC In