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EarthQuaker Devices Plumes

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The new Plumes from EarthQuaker Devices is a real 'Screamer', and more!

The well-known green overdrive pedal has been released in many forms, but the EarthQuaker Devices Plumes is a unique, fully analogue approach to the legendary TubeScreamer. The Plumes - unlike the original - has 3 different clipping modes, much more headroom and an almost three-dimensional clarity that can really rock your amplifier. The tone control has been finely adjusted to ensure that both the low tones and the highest tones come through properly, without sacrificing the mid character for which the Screamer is initially known. And all this with a load of blooming sustain.

Effect Type: Overdrive
Controls: Level, Gain, Tone, Clipping Mode (Symmetrical/No Clipping/Asymmetrical)
Controls: In, Out, 9v DC In