Fulltone OCD V2 Overdrive Pedal

Inclusief belasting.

The ultimate full-range distortion pedal for the obsessive tone chasers!

The problem with overdrive pedals is that in most cases they negatively affect the quality of your signal. The complex harmonies and dynamics diminish. This is clearly audible, especially if you have a high-end combo or amplifier. With this pedal from Fulltone you retain all the good parts of your original sound and you can experiment to your heart's content with a fantastic overdrive sound.

  • Great overdrive tones for electric guitar
  • Huge palette of available sounds
  • Switchable hi- and lo-peak gain settings
  • Redesigned output buffer that resists loading caused by pedals further in your chain
  • Updated Class A-configured JFET input section with higher input impedance for better dynamic response
  • Switchable Enhanced Bypass or True Bypass switching modes, with no pops or clicks in either mode