GR Bass CUBE 350

SKU: 2-CUBE350
Inclusief belasting.

Compact bass combo that can handle any situation

The combo version of the GRBass One 350 top. Just like its little brother, this bass combo is an all-rounder for the studio, on stage and at home. The GRBass CUBE 350 is another good example of how this Italian company manages to pack a lot of tone into a portable format. Noteworthy features include a built-in Tuner, extensive EQ options with filters for the high and low Mids. In short: a lot of amplifier for a great price. Crazy.

  • Type : Solid State
  • Channels : Single
  • Total Power : 350W
  • Front Panel : - Tuner / Vu-Meter, Input, Aux In, Gain, Deep filter, Low, mid Low, mid High, High, Bright filter, 3 freq for mid Low, 3 freq for mid High, Pure Sound, Volume DI (antibump), Headphone master, Headphone output, Master, Mute
  • Back Panel : Input 230-115v (auto selectable), 9 Volt 300mA, Send/Return, Pre/Post DI, GND lift, DI Output, Speakon, Fan (Studio/Live mode)
  • Dimensions : 43 H x 40 W x 35 D cm
  • Weight : 14 kg