Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive

Inclusief belasting.

2 highly flexible drives in 1 pedal, from subtle grit to screaming gain!

There are few things as cool as combining different overdrives to create new sounds. At Strymon they understand that all too well and the result is the Sunset: a hybrid dual overdrive with 2 completely independently switchable circuits, each with 3 different overdrive types. On the left (A) you will find 3 vintage-inspired drives, on the right (B) you will find 2 more modern drives with more gain and a JFET boost circuit. The routing of both drives can be set as desired; you can adjust the order or use both circuits in parallel. You can also control the Sunset via Midi with a special Strymon Midi-EXP cable (sold separately). Just plug in and stack!

Effect Type: Overdrive/Distortion
Controls: Side A Level/Drive/Tone, Side B Level/Drive/Tone, Overdrive Type Toggles
Connections: In, Out, Fav, EXP, 9v DC In