Strymon TimeLine Delay

Inclusief belasting.

The king of delay pedals since 2011: the Timeline is timeless!

The Strymon Timeline was introduced in 2011 and can still be found on countless pedalboards today. With its 12 delay types, ridiculously powerful DSP chip and extensive Midi integration, the Timeline fits effortlessly into any setup, no matter how simple or complex.

It all starts with the sound of the pedal, of course, and more than 10 years later it is still rock solid thanks to the incredibly powerful processor chip. This means that the Timeline not only sounds beautiful on guitar, but also on other sources such as vocals or synthesizers. The sounds themselves are divided into 12 delay types, from tape delay to reverse delay to the inspiring ice delay. Within each of those 12 types you have a wealth of control over the character, the modulation and of course the familiar parameters like delay time and the number of repeats. Have you found a nice delay sound? You can save it in one of the 200 preset slots in no time. In addition, the Timeline has stereo inputs and outputs, a Tap-Tempo footswitch, a connection for an Expression pedal and deep midi integration. You see: The Timeline is still ahead of its time!

Effect Type: Delay
Delay Types: dTape, dBucket, Digital, Dual, Pattern, Reverse, Ice, Duck, Swell, Trem, Filter, Lofi
Controls: Time, Repeats, Mix, Filter, Grit, Modulation Speed/Depth, Control Value
Connections: Left In, Right In, Left Out, Right Out, EXP In, Midi In, Midi Out, 9v DC In