Strymon Volante Magnetic Echo Machine

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The Strymon Volante is perhaps the most vintage correct digital pedal ever

Where to start.. The Volante is Strymon's latest addition to their already impressive line-up. No other company manages to match vintage sounds with digital technology in such a convincing way, and with the Volante, Strymon takes another step forward. What is this pedal in a nutshell? The Stymon Volante is a so-called multi-head magnetic media delay machine. The heart of this pedal are the four playback heads, each with their own feedback, panning and level controls. All playback heads and their feedback have their own button, so you can create the craziest delay rhythms. In addition, you can of course also opt for more traditional sounds: everything is possible! The Volante is equipped with digital recreations of three legendary magnetic delay units, namely a drum echo, a tape echo and a high-quality studio reel-to-reel echo, each with its own vibe and quirks. And you can then fine-tune these sounds with the four knobs on the left: Rec Level, Bass Cut, Mechanics and Wear. With the Mechanics and Wear controls you determine the quality and age of the delay type used, respectively. Extreme settings deliver a dark, gritty quality with a lot of warble in the repeats. Great! As if all this wasn't enough, there's a high-quality Spring Reverb in the pedal, and you can create beautiful loops using the sound on sound (SOS) mode, which degrade in quality depending on the Mechanics and Wear settings. And you can also reverse this playback using the reverse button.

Effect Type: Delay
Controls: Rec Level, Mechanics, Low Cut, Wear, Time, Repeats, Echo Level, Head Spacing, Spring, Head Selection, Delay Type, Tape Speed
Connections: Left In, Right In, Left Out, Right Out, Midi In, Midi Out, USB, 9v DC In