Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Monument V2 Tremolo

Inclusief belasting.

This Harmonic tremolo from Walrus Audio is monumentally good!

The Walrus Audio Monument V2 is one of the best tremolo pedals, if not the best harmonic tremolo, on the market. The basis of this pedal is the harmonic/standard switch that allows you to choose between a more traditional tremolo sound, and of course the harmonic tremolo with its warble character. And that's where the simple part of the Walrus Monument V2 ends, because the volume, division, rate, shape and depth knobs allow you to dial in almost any variation of this legendary sound. Other wave shape? Check, because the wave control gives 5 different wave shapes. Want to spice up your sound with a different note division? Check, the diff. knob does just that, from quarter notes and triplets to sixteenth notes. The rate and depth knobs control the intensity and speed of the effect, and the volume controls your output. With this pedal you can fulfill all your tremolo wishes. Great!

Effect Type: Harmonic Tremolo
Controls: Volume, Division, Rate, Shape, Depth, Harmonic/Standard & Bypass
Connectors: 1/4" Input, Output & EXP Jack, 9v Input