Way Huge

Way Huge Smalls Aqua Puss Analog Delay

Inclusief belasting.

The Aqua Puss by Way Huge in a compact size. Wonderful slapback and tone enhancer!

The Aqua Puss Analog Delay has been a hugely popular delay for several years, especially after John Mayer put the original on his pedalboard. This blue rascal is known for its gritty, jangly repeats and super easy controls. As if the original wasn't good enough, Way Huge now comes with the so-called Smalls housing, so that the Aqua Puss now takes up a lot less space on your pedalboard. Totally awesome! With 20ms to 300ms delay time, this pedal isn't so much about long, space-like repeats, but much more about fattening up your sound, and of course conjuring up an old school slapback. The feedback control on the Aqua Puss naturally controls the duration and intensity of the delay, but any delay aficionado knows that these kinds of delays go all out at extreme settings, sending you into a dizzying state of self-oscillation. Great! With the Blend knob you determine the ratio between your original dry signal and the delay signal. In short, the Aqua-Puss Analog Delay is a must for the guitarist who wants to add a bit of depth to their tone, or is looking for one of the best slapback sounds available today.